MCTS Bus drivers caught on camera hitting passengers


MCTS Bus Drivers Assault and Batter passengers and pedestrians.

You See It In These Videos, You See It In These Police Reports That I’ve Obtained From The West Allis Police Department and the Milwaukee Municipal Court.

MCTS bus driver Dale Schenk. This bus driver gets in a fight in front of the Burger King at 67th & National Avenue, in West Allis, while off duty in his MCTS uniform. Dale Schenk hits Dorsey twice in the face and once in the shoulder. This is a West Allis Police Incident Report. In which MCTS bus driver Dale Schenk flees the scene in his green truck.


MCTS bus driver Dale Schenk. This police incident report was obtained from Milwaukee Municipal Court records, a police officer from Dist #2 responds to a possible sexual assault of a young woman (she is 26 years old at the time of the report). In this case, Dale Schenk was charged with battery-simple for rubbing or patting the buttocks of this young woman. She wanted him to be fired. But of course, in those days MCTS bus drivers got away with a lot, as there were no cameras to record their offenses against passengers.



01. Are you ill or injured?

Describe: __________________

On the “Describe” line there is an “L” in a circle, then it says “neck – small scratch”


This MCTS bus driver Dale Schenk caused me problems in 2003, while I was trying to go to the Old Country Buffet in Greenfield, Wisconsin. I used to work there in the mid-1980s, and liked to eat there. He did not seek any medical attention, because he lied. I however did seek medical attention, as evidenced by this report.

It should be noted, that if you read the West Allis Police Incident Report, you will see how he delays seeking medical attention for his hand, after a fight. But then when he does, the West Allis Police caught up with him.


If you’ve watch these videos and read these police incident reports, then you know that MCTS bus drivers assault (approach you in a threatening way) and batter (any unwanted physical contact) passengers and sometimes, even pedestrians. One bus driver was spitting at the passenger he was fighting with. And some urinate on the bus. And these are the people that walked off their jobs, to strike for even higher pay and benefits, at the expense of Milwaukee County taxpayers.